17th May 2012 13:26

This blog is no longer active. But the group still is! The new blog now has the same url as before (Since as the new mod, I didn’t have the info to get in here until a bit ago)

There won’t be any more posts after this one, so if you don’t already follow the new blog go here.

See ya on the flipside~!


24th March 2012 12:25 3 notes
Xion has been taken!

Follow her here: http://seasaltmemories.tumblr.com/

20th March 2012 22:13 1 note
Yuna is available.
20th March 2012 22:07
Xigbar has been taken!

Follow him here: http://freesalvoxigbar.tumblr.com/

19th March 2012 23:05 7 notes
Xigbar has been reserved.
18th March 2012 15:50 2 notes
Lightning Farron has moved to a new account.

Please follow her here!: http://paradigmshiftfarron.tumblr.com/

Similarly, feel free to unfollow http://clairelightningfarron.tumblr.com/.

18th March 2012 15:46 5 notes
Input on interaction with other blogs?

Alright, so I’ve been seeing a lot of interaction with accounts unrelated to the roleplay lately, and while I don’t really have a problem with it (even if I don’t personally care for it), I’ve been starting to feel like it’s getting out of hand. A few posts here and there in the past were fine, but if a good chunk of your interactions are with other people, I heavily suggest making an independent roleplaying account and moving things there, if only to be fair to your fellow players.

Anyway, the main reason I’ve made this post is because I was wondering if there should be a rule implemented regulating interaction with other rp blogs. It can either:

A. Restrict it entirely
B. Allow it, but keep it to a minimum

Either way, I want to avoid the future possibility of things getting out of hand again. Let me know what you think!

13th March 2012 1:21 2 notes
Reno has been taken!

Follow him here: http://rawr-reno.tumblr.com/

13th March 2012 1:20 2 notes
Yuna has been reserved.
12th March 2012 17:57 1 note
Zack Fair, Irvine Kinneas, and Noel Kreiss have all been taken!

Follow them here:

Zack: http://zackfairy.tumblr.com/ (renamed from Olette’s account)
Irvine: http://sharpshooter-irvine.tumblr.com/
Noel: http://protecting-happiness.tumblr.com/

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